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Have a “Tale” (or tail?) you would like to share…. about Puppy Mills, Rescue, Adoption, Pet Stores…etc?  Share it here! Tell us Your Tale… send us an email, or post a Comment. Pictures are welcome.




Hi Leslie. Montagu was 11 months old when I got him. I had wanted a Coton de Tulear since the early 1980s when I first saw one in a “Dog a Day” calendar book. I learned of the Coton de Tulear Club of America (CTCA) and subscribed to their newsletters to learn more about the breed. In 1996, we inherited a Doberman mix. It wasn’t long that we realized she need a dog companion. Living in Bermuda, I could import a dog from the USA but it had to be at least 10 months old (no rabies in Bermuda, so the pup would have to have had its 2nd rabies shot, which can be given at 10 months old). So, I contact the CTCA and referred me to a California breeder who had a 10 month old Coton that they would consider selling to me. Numerous phone calls and long interviews, we were approved to be Montagu’s HuMom and HuDad. Montagu and his new sister, Chloe a Hound/Lab mix from our local Florida Shelter now travel on a private jet to Florida for the winter, and back to Bermuda for the spring and summer! He is my heart and soul…I adore him more than words could express. I don’t mind you using our picture on your site. Please tell me more about Protected Paws.



On Dec. 16th, a puppy mill in Kentucky was raided.  All of the dogs were rescued; they were mostly Chihuahuas.  They were taken to different shelters in the tri-state area.  I saw a pic of Jane, and that was my mum’s name.  She passed in ’94 after a long illness, and she was called Jeanie.  I went into the shelter after the wee girl had been there for about a month.  I was allowed to take her out of her pen which she shared with 4 other wee Chi’s.  Needless to say, I fell in love with her.  I asked if I could take her home for the weekend and was told to come back the next day.  I got there shortly before the shelter opened and took little Jane home untill the next Tuesday.  I have 4 other dogs and 8 cats (1 of my cats has just crossed the Rainbow Bridge on May 12), but this wee skinny wee girl enjoyed her weekend.  I took her back on Tuesday and just hated the thought of her going back into that pen with those other wee dogs, so I told them I wanted to adopt her.  But, at the time I didn’t have the $150.  I asked would they accept payments.  They did, for which I’m so very glad.  It’s been 4 months since Jeanie (renamed) has been with our family and she fits in just great.  All of my cats are bigger than she is even though she’s gained a pound or two since she’s been here.  Here are some pics that I’ve taken.



LadyBug is sixteen years old. She is a shep husky mix. thirteen years ago she was thrown from a speeding car and left to fend for herself. I spotted her roaming the streets and decided to try and rescue her. But it wasn’t easy she was so timid and scared. I started leaving food out for her. At first she wouldn’t eat unless I was inside. But slowly she began to trust me. But she finally did but her rescue was delayed further when I found out she had pups out there somewhere. I searched for them but could not find them. Later I learned they had died. I slowly started leaving my gate open and the food in my yard. She loved my Candy my chow dog. In all it took about four months for Ladybug to officially become a part of the family. She joined the family in late December and has been spoiled ever since.



Our family has always purchased high breed dogs worth quite a bit of money. When our lab passed away one hot August day, we were all so heartbroken that we decided not to get another dog for a while. One evening the following October, my husband went to a little town to watch his nephew play football. A kid that was at the game had been asking people to take some puppies off his hand before his dad “took care” of the puppies. There was one little runt puppy left, that no one had taken. Both my sister-in-law’s were with my husband, and they talked him into taking this tiny, five-week old puppy home. He came in and put her in my lap. The rest is history. Butterscotch (Butter) is the sweetest dog I think I have ever known. She loves anyone and everyone, and is great with kids. I would have never thought she would have been our next pet, but it was meant to be. My family and I have decided never to pay money for another pet. We will always go to a pound or shelter to pick out our next family member.
-The Verser Family, Rogers, AR



Hi Leslie-
I adopted Fezz approximately 2 weeks after he was “ransomed” by a West Virginia based rescue group, Friends4life. One of the members of this group stopped by an Amish farm. The owner proudly showed off his drowning tub where he eliminated puppies that he thought wouldn’t sell. Apparently Fezz was going to be a stud. She negotiated a price for Fezz. Not her groups normal policy, but she felt some urgency in getting him out of there. When I made contact with this group and was told about Fezz (his name was Rhett at the time) I wanted to meet him. When I saw this timid creature peering at me in absolute terror, I lost my heart. My pack is made up of rescues. I believed he could find a kindred soul with them. And, I knew if I could begin massage and Reiki on him, he could begin to find himself and enjoy his life without fear. I’m not sure which state he came from, but given the location, he most likely came from the Amish community in the Sugar Creek, Ohio region.
-Becky B.
Brandenburg Massage Therapy, LLC



My Buddy The Biscuit

The Biscuit and I met on a cool, crisp day in early November of 2008.

I was working on a local Habitat for Humanity House when a city water department truck came pulling up the drive. Darting alongside the truck was the happiest looking, little golden bundle of joy. The city employee explained the dog had been following her around all day. She had no idea where he came from, but said he has nearly been run over twice trying to follow her.

Since I already owned a dog I happened to have a leash in my car. I assured her I would watch over him and see that he stayed safe. Everyone was so enamored with this little fella. He was obviously very hungry, but was so friendly and loved being the center of attention. Upon leaving the build, I stopped by the vets office only to discover he had no microchip to help locate his owners.

I worked the next couple of days to find him a home. Luckily enough, there was a young guy in the office who was thinking of getting a dog, however he did not have a fenced in backyard. I agreed to keep the dog for a couple of weeks until he was able to get a fence up.

Three weeks went by and he was having trouble getting a fence up. Having second thoughts, the interested party told me he didn’t want to keep the pup from a good home, so I should contact someone else who may be interested. Of Course, by that time I had grown too attached and couldn’t just give him away to anyone. My German Shepherd, Savannah, had gotten used to the company as well. Although she would never admit it, she enjoyed having someone around to play with during the day while I was at work.

I don’t think I have ever met a dog who loves to cuddle more than this guy. He was estimated to be about 9 months old when we met. So he was and still is very much a puppy. Every night he crawls into bed with me, lays his head on my stomach and just soaks in the good life. I have heard people say that rescue animals are more affectionate since they are so grateful to have been given a good home. If that is any indication, then The Biscuit must be living the dream!

-Caroline K.

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